Grounding Shield cable for automotive/robot


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i'm new in this board and also in this field. and yeah i have some question.

in my brief learning, normally, we ground one side of the shield (source) to the earth ground to reduce the noise, right? if we ground at the side of instrument it may lead some noise to our signal.

but if the robot or others use a battery do we need to ground the shield? and if we need how can we ground?


Bob Peterson

grounding for EMI noise reduction and signal integrity is almost an entire field in itself.

generally it is considered good practice to only ground a shield at one end. this is to reduce current flow in the shield itself. "ground" at both ends of the shield may not be at the same potential and if they are not current will flow through the shield. this may in some cases (although relatively rare) cause a noise signal to be superimposed on the signal wires.

ground can mean all kinds of things to different pople and without a long discussion about it the best I can tell you is that it is not as simple as one might think at first glance. to some a ground means a connection to earth. to other to the common of a circuit. to others it means to the metal frame, which may or may not be conencted to earth or to the circuit common.
Do you "need" to? Maybe try it.

However it "should" be grounded to the best "earth" ground available. Be it a vehicle chassis or near by dedicated ground rod.