GSM/GPRS and CDMA Wireless Modems

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Has anyone tried GSM/GPRS and/or CDMA (cellular) wireless modems for RTU, SCADA, or general telemetry applications? I am currently looking into Multi-TECH's MultiModem GSM/GPRS and MultiModem CDMA external data/fax/voice wireless modems and it almost seems too good to be true. The operational cost might prove challenging, but I believe both the implementation and technical simplicity/flexibility——from the PLC/RTU/SCADA side——merit a hard look.
> We have used CDPD on a number of SCADA projects and are currently in the design phase on several projects that use CDMA. We have found it reliable and fairly cheap to install. Only issue is the fact that you are relying on someone else's network.
We, at our company are developing since last year GPRS gateways for RTUs and supervisory systems. This time we've collected a lot of good experiences with GPRS. It seems that nowadays GPRS is going to be the cheapest and easiest communication way for mobile endpoints. Now we have a few functional references for on-line monitoring with GPRS. If you wish to know more please e-mail me, or visit our web page at
MOX Products is using and deploying some significant SCADA system based purely on these technologies for communications in place of more traditional communication methods. We see great potential for these technologies in appropriate applications. Our most recent project is a City Gas SCADA system for over 6 million residents covering around 250 square kms. To maximise the benefits and availability of these technologies we have designed the MOX Unity and MOX Origin RTUs to support the (cellular) communication module mounted onboard, accessed and controlled via supplied progam libraries.

If you would like more information on these applications and technology please visit the website or contact me.

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we are into the automation of sugar industries and have over 35+ sites. we want to access the real time data at our sites so we are looking to deploy GPRS/CDMA modems in our industrial PCs so that our sites can be connected to the internet and to our FTP server where data can be logged.

so, kindly suggest us the solution for the same.

Sandeep Shroff

Dear Teji

Please have a look at the product called proGenie. You will be able to precisely achieve what you want. It is a tool for remote connectivity through web. It can collacte data for you at a central place. It has a lot of connection options.

Go thru

or contact [email protected] for further details.


Whitmor Company

Look at the TBOX LT-200GE Telecontrl product from Technotrade http://www.TBOX.US. The unit is a GSM radio with GPRS and SS services, a fully IEC 6-1131 PLC, a data logger, alarm manager and mini scada system.

Jim DINanno