GSM Protocol and MARK VI


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Ahmed samy

we want to connect Mark VI with Ovation DCS system through GSM protocol. what is the configuration of mark VI required? because before that there is no DCS and I'm not find any thing in the GE manual for this configuration.
Ahmed samy,

It's helpful to think of the turbine control panel as <b>the</b> Mark VI (mostly because it is!) and the HMI as the HMI--the means of communicating with the Mark VI to view operations, send commands, manage alarms (lots of alarms), and configure the Mark VI (via Toolbox).

GE does not allow direct communication with the Mark VI from any third-party control system (though I'm told that some Mark VIs and Mark VIes can have special MODBUS modules to allow more direct communication directly to/from the turbine control panels, bypassing the HMI--but this comes at a loss of speed and some alarm functionality.) So, the HMI is the "gateway" between any third-party control system (such as a DCS) and the turbine control panel (be it a Mark VI or a Mark V or a Mark VIe). GSM runs on the HMI, and is configured on the HMI to serve as the interface between the turbine control panel and the DCS.

So, you need to find the appropriate GE publications (they keep changing the publication numbers of their documents) to understand how to configure GSM over Ethernet (the PDH). You will need to connect the DCS to the PDH (using appropriate IP addresses and subnet masking) and then configure the HMI side of the interface per the GE publication and the Ovation side using their publication(s).

Many Ovation DCSs have been configured to communicate via GSM with many Speedtronic turbine control panels, so I'm sure Emerson has some relevant publications, also, which may be of much help in your endeavour.

Best of luck--and let us know how you progress! (Sorry, I couldn't be more helpful with GE publication numbers, but again, they are constantly revising and adding to their list of publications. Perhaps someone here can be of help with a relevant GE publication number or numbers.)