GT Combustion Control


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Hello everybody,

I'm an instrumentation engineer and I'm working on GE's Gas Turbines 9FA which are under construction. I wonder to know how is done the combination between gas control (accessory module), air control (IGVs) and control of emissions by taking into account fuel gas analyzing as feedback.
Get yourself a copy of the Operation& Maintenance Manual (they are on SD memory cards so you can put it on any computer) and start reading.

Of particular interest should be the Control Specification. Towards the end of the document there will be some sections describing how the various control schemes work in the Mark VI<b>e</b>.

But in the beginning of the Manual are several sections with some pretty good descriptions of the turbine control schemes.

Oops--I forgot. You're working on a unit built by GE-Belfort. Not sure what they put in their manual or where. Best of luck--but the Manual is still the place to start learning about the Control schemes and systems and how they operate and protect the unit.
Well if the machine is under construction now is your chance to learn. Get together with the Commissioning Engineers and ask if you can see the system flow diagrams (P&ID), Control Specification and GE manuals if they are already on site. Follow these guys around and follow how they are commissioning the systems, you should be able to learn a lot from there.