GT LCI Load Bridge Output Fuses


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On site we have a 9FA.03 GE Gas turbine, connected with a hydrogen cooled generator 324H, 324 MVA, driven by static starter LS2100. the LCI load rated current is 972A, its current limit is 1500A, the semiconductor fuses located downstream the load bridge towards 89SS dis connector of generator enclosure is 1400A (4X350 per phase, total 1400A). There is one memo of GE and MERSEN USA that 324 generator should have 1050A fuses and 332/390 generators should have 1400A fuse.

Can you assist on the issue?
Well, it is but GE did not reply. i am wondering though why they post a PAC case because our multi shaft 9FA with 324 H generator consumes maximum 1500 A. this consumption is reached with GT at 2000 - 2100 rpm, just passing the last critical speed.
We had this problem, until we realized that there were shifts of operation, where they up tap changer on the auxiliary transformer, seeing that the voltage of 6 kV decreased. When it was prohibited to change take during the start process the trips were solved.