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M. Vafaei

Our client is planning a renovation project for his ~10 MW gas turbines. Our proposal has been PLC. But first of all we need to find some references to executed projects in this field. Then we might be able to convince them or even find some way to do the project in cooperation.
Your "~10 MW ...turbine" must be an aeroderivative...who was the OEM? I'm an X-Westinghouse Controls Field Service Engineer (too busy with the power crisis i quit) ...current industrials are 180 to 240 MW. Emissions are an issue if you are in Canada or the US... where is your client?


12 years ago I used a TI-PM550 to control Turbines
The project was in Pakistan and executed with a company named "Elbar" which is based in the Netherlands
http://www.elbar.nlI am not sure if the controls have been migrated to something else, but the (old) PM550 came close already, todays PLC technology and speed should be
able to do a good job.