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Be Silent

I have used various muting modules that integrate directly with light curtains, but can not use what I know for this application. I have a door that needs to be interlocked as product passes through it. We can not use a light curtain because of spacial requirements. Our plan is to interlock the door with an dual channel RFID type door switch. We can interface direct with a SMR or other safety relay, but that would not include Muting! Need any ideas for off the shelf muting modules that do not have to be integrated with a light curtain.

Gerald Beaudoin

How about using a safety rated PLC? Depending on the situation, the challenge might be to determine the sequence of events that reliably differentiates between product and human. Sometimes its much easier and cheaper to physically separate the danger area from human intervention.

Gerald Beaudoin

Richard Harris

I suggest you consider the G9SP safety controller from Omron. This control allows muting of any safety rated device by using the muting function block. The muting function block does require that there are discreet muting sensors that trigger the muting action, and these can not be the contacts on the door switch. If you would like additional help with this application, one of our Application Safety Specialist can assist you. Please advise me of your location and I will ask someone to make contact with you.