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Help needed in setting up SLC504 communications with Wonderware 9.5. I know my way around the SLCs and inside of Wonderware, but OPC connectivity, I am lost.

I have not been able to locate any specific
literature that will take me through the set up of the OPC server and linking the SLC504 to
Wonderware. Everything I have found is very generic, and I guess I am missing something,
as whatever I have tried does not work.

Help please.
What IO servers are you using? You will need the Intouch OPCLink IO server, and then set up RSLinx (Pro version) or use Kepware. I assume you are using DH+. There may be an IO server for DH+ as they have one for ethernet and df1.

Trevor Ousey \(list\)

How are you connecting to the SLC? Which IO server are you trying to use?

Intouch uses SuiteLink or DDE to connect to an IO server, SuiteLink is the preferred method. If you are using a third party IO OPC server like RSLinx
(if you have the right RS activation) then you should use Wonderware's OPCLink IO Server or FSGateway. Read the OPCLink manual on how to use the prefix character with the addresses, if you are looking at trying it.

If you give a little more info, then we can be more specific.