Gulde control valves

Typ: GA 1.31
Federbereich 0,7 - 2,3
Hub 32 mm
Max.Arbeitsdruck 6
Fab. Nummer 2333291/39/1
Typ 1018.00
DN/PN 65/16 Sitz: fi 65
Kvs 68P6
Where I can read about Gulde control valves data and specifications. Is their a direct web location to it or to their manuals?
>Please let me know the suppliers of GULDE & Eckardt.

Where I can find supplier or distributor GULDE & Eckardt? At this time we are searching pneumatic stellungsregler made by GULDE & Verblock Relay made by Eckardt to replace the old parts.

Please inform us by email to adhi.saputro [at]

Thanks for all for your assistance.


Dipankar Biswas

> Please let me know the suppliers of GULDE make control valves.

We M/s Continental Valves Limited manufactured Valves of GULDE as we are having the design of Gulde Valve. We are also supplier of Spares of GULDE Make Valve.

If you require kindly send mail on [email protected]