H2 flow meter

Hai All,

At present we are using Magnetrol flow meter for H2 measurement in our Hydrogen cooled Generator.
Model: TA2-A0B0-D30/XTFT-A13A-000 , Pipe Dia : 1/2", Supply : 120VAC, 4 MA: 65.00 SCFD & 20 MA: 3000 SCFD. But we are facing readings are erratic.
Can any one suggest any other make flow meter.
The Magnetrol TA2 is a thermal dispersion flow meter, the typical technology recommendation for clean, dry gases.

Is the hydrogen wet, carrying moisture that can condense on the probe? Condensation on the probe is always an issue with thermal dispersion.

Have you consulted the factory support? Magnetrol at one point in time had a great reputation for support. I'd be talking to them.