Hand held wireless barcode scanners


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Rick Hudson


I am looking for a hand held, wireless barcode scanner with a numeric or alphanumeric keypad. It is for use on a plant floor for operators to input information into a central production system.


Rick Hudson

Terence B. Creevan

I don't know of any wireless, handheld scanners ^Ówith^Ô an alpha-numeric keyboard (attached), but there are many wireless, hand held
barcode scanner manufactures such as Symbol Technology. They make a wireless, hand held scanner that you can check out.

Product: Network Scanning Appliance
Description: Tether-free bar code scanning with Spectrum24® wireless network versatility.


They also make keypads.
You should look at symbol or intermec equipment
they are all designed to function in an industrial env. I can send you info if you like
We use Units from Intermec to allow our operators the ability to login to our AS400 system and update inventory. They work real well.

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Michael R. Batchelor

We've used a few symbol phaser scanners, which have a numeric keypad on the scanner itself. They work pretty well and survive in a factory environment. Several years ago I used some Intermec scanners, also with a built in keypad, but I can't remember their model number. They also worked quite well in a factory environment.

Both brands seemed ot have reasonable range for the wireless transmission. I never found the limits of the Symbol units, but they work fine for at least 100 ft. from the base. The Intermec units were inside a metal building, and wouldn't work outside the building. There was an antenna kit available that supposedly would have fixed the issue, but nobody wanted to spend the money.