Handling Strings in WinCC Scripts


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Gavin Goldsworthy

I need to manipulate a string tag before showing it on the screen. I cannot find a function which loads a 8 bit character string so I am trying to do it as a raw data type using GetTagRaw() The compiler requires a byte pointer as a parameter type but does not recognize byte as a data type. Does anyone have an example using this function ??

Steve Snodgrass

The C function, GetTagChar("8BitTextTag"); will return the text value contained in the tag you can then use srtcat,sprintf, etc. to manipulate the string.

Shahid Waqas Chaudhry

You can use the WinCC Script to automate this task using some of the following functions: 1) Read the string tag using GetTagChar(Tag_Name) 2) The read string could be manipulated using one of the many standard C functions provided as a library. These can be found in Internal Functions -> c_bib -> string Some of them are: a) String concatenante b) String compare c) String Copy d) String Error e) and other String operation as listed in ANSI C specs As for the byte type, try writing BYTE as the data type. e.g: BYTE byte_variable; // BYTE is the data type and the byte_variable is the variable name Happy C-ing with WinCC :) Shahid