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We call this 'hang weigh' from load cells. the bag hooks grab (4) to each load cell via a small arm. bag is filled to preset capacity on a scale controller.

would like some direction

James Johnson

I just did a system with a similar process but with load sells weighing a tank and filling to preset weights.
We used a Weightronix scale with devicenet attached to an AB PLC.
Contact me if you would like more information.

<>< James :)
Saw your post. There are many weighing companies in the market that do bag weighing (or box, or hopper, etc).

All basically support the package (bag in your case) on sensors (load cells) and use a controller to activate relays that control the opening and closing of a gate as it passes through limit ranges you program into the controller.

Contact UNITED CONTROL SYSTEMS (Al Mizenko) at 609-252-9026. They have a selection of manufacturers.

Bill Rosser