HART Communication


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I have connection for HART as below.

Field Transmitter-> MTL5544D-> HCU16-> MTL4851/4852-> RS-485 converter-> IAMS

The problem is...
I cannot detect HART signal for it. (CH1 output at MTL 5544D is used.)
4~20mA analogue value can be read.
At same HCU16, AO is connected with other barrier. In case of AO, I can detect HART signal.
So it is assumed that connection/configuration is fine for the system (from field to IAMS).

I tried to connect HART communicator to the MTL5544D.
I can detect HART device at input of MTL5544D but cannot detect it at output of MTL5544D (both channel)

It looks that something is required to get HART signal especially at MTL5544D.

Any advice would be appreciated.