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Can any one please help in understanding? is it possible to have asset management system, if my transmitter is hart compatible? if yes how is the signal is transmitted through the analog 2 pair wire...from where will my asset management system gets the required data...
Of course it is. All of the major DCS manufacturers support HART modems, wired or wireless, for data into the DCS and/or into an asset management program. Your favorite asset management system vendor and your DCS vendor can assist you. You can bring the data directly into the DCS, directly into the asset manager, both, or into the system via OPC or another gateway. HART 7 data permits both wired and wireless (WirelessHART) input.

So call your asset management system sales person and ask them.

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Yes it is very much possible to do so. you can contact me on my e.mail for further details.

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Yes. Asset Management systems that include Intelligent Device Management software communicate with HART and WirelessHART devices, Foundation fieldbus devices, and PROFIBUS devices.

For HART the digital signal is superimposed on the analog signal. Digital '1' is 1200 Hz, Digital '0' is 2200 Hz. The protocol has address and commands. There are different commands for setting range, sensor calibration trim, and diagnostics etc.

The system gets the data from the HART devices. I.e. the data is in the devices themselves - a distributed database. Some data is retained in the system's own database.

Intelligent device management software uses EDDL to interpret all the information in the devices to unleash full device functionality, and displaying it in the system the way device manufacturer wants it displayed, as well as providing guidance in the form of help text and wizards.

To learn more about HART take a look at the yellow book "Fieldbuses for Process Control: Engineering, Operation, and Maintenance" buy online: http://www.isa.org/fieldbuses

To learn more about EDDL visit www.eddl.org