HART compatible I/Os in RTU


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To be specific, I am thinking if I/Os of an RTU are having direct interface (one to one) with the Hart field devices then it is very handy for remote maintenance.
But what I have found is, more or less companies give RTUs having HART I/O compatibility using multi drop communication method and not direct one to one connection.
Can any one suggest me the manufacturer of such RTUs Please?
If the RTU/mux can support multidrop, can't you just connect only one device per port thus getting point to point? Or are you looking to also tap the 4-20 mA signal? Perhaps I am missing something.

Anyway, we (SMAR) make a device that brings in the HART signals in single or multidrop, and the 4-20 mA signals too. http://www.smar.com/products/hi302.asp

By default it supports all universal commands, the most popular common practice commands, as well as all command of some device types. It can also be configured to accept all commands for just about any device.

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Dear Bhusan

I would reccommend you to buy Hart to MODBUS RTU converter, which may be expensive but would serve your purpose. This is precisely Hart loop to Modbus RTU conversion.

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