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I am currently defining the topology to communicate 5 HART Multiplexers to a HART OPC Server. The HART Muxs will be connected to a Serial Server or Terminal Server through RS-485.

The Terminal Server will connect to a HART OPC Server through a TCP/IP Ethernet network switch.

I am planning to connect the computer (HART Server) straight from the ethernet TCP/IP nic card to the same switch. The problems is that the <b> HART OPC Server from the HART Communication Foundation has only tested the communication through RS-232/485.</b> The manual says that in the future TCP/UDP networks will be available. <b>Has anyone tested communicating the HART OPC Server through TCP/UDP?</b>

If not <b>do I have to include another converter back to RS-232/485?</b> Or <b>is there a Serial Server or Terminal Server where I can just concentrate all my RS-232/485 and NOT convert it to TCP/IP?</b>
I haven't used the HART server, but the HART wireless gateways all seem to include it. Their network topology diagrams are all ethernet, so I assumed HART server had been ported to ethernet.

This press release from Oct 2009 also seems to support that:

HART Foundation upgrades HART Server
October 8, 2009 – The HART Communication Foundation announces a major upgrade to the HART (OPC) Server. Using OPC data access, the new HART Server Version (plus another couple paragraphs)


Are you using an old version?
Dear Chris,
I have trouble to connect HART OPC server to multiplexer HIDMUX2700 from Pepperl + Fuchs. Can you tell me how you have HART OPC server to connect to multiplexer through terminal server. I greatly appreciate your help. I searched and call Pepperl and HART foundation, and I have no return answer. my email is [email protected]

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