HART Transmitter Configuration in Fault Status


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Is there the capability to configure the output of a HART transmitter toward a trip condition (20 or 4 ma as needed) in case of fault detection in transmitter?
It depends.

Two examples

Siemens DSIII keyboard/display parameter M9 is "Fault current upper/lower".

Default values are 22.8mA for fault-HI, 3.6mA for fault-LOW. The values can be changed using HART.

Honeywell ST700/800 keyboard/display calls it 'FS Direction', a 'read only' parameter that displays either upscale or downscale, displays current position of failsafe jumper (failsafe upscale or downscale is determined by a physical jumper; it is not a soft setting.

Upscale current value is 21.8mA, downscale current value is 3.8mA. The HART parameter would be a read-only.
There is a factory order option for NAMUR levels.

So it depends on manfacturer implementation.