Has anyone used BarioNet from Barix?


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I've been looking for a low-cost ethernet based PLC just to do some simple monitoring & control and I ran across this website: http://www.barix.com

They have something called a BarioNet that has a built-in webserver, 8 dig-ins, 4 dig-outs, 2 relays, & 4 analog-ins. I emailed their U.S. partner & it is only $295...

Sounds too good to be true. Has anyone used this thing before? I'm particularly interested in finding out if anyone as used it for any control apps and actually written a program for it.

I currently use the Barionet to control and monitor an equipment cabinet. I have written programs to control it with C# using .NET but I can see that it can easily be controlled with Java as well. Its very easy to program and very useful, if your application will work well with the device I suggest getting one.

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I haven't used the BarioNet, but I have known the guy ("JR") who runs that company & molds the designs for about a decade. He and an uncle had the amazing distinction of beng able to fit a web server, 16 TCP sockets, Telnet, SNMP, and application functions into a 186-based product with 64K of code and 64K of RAM back in the late 1990's. The BarioNet has more RAM than that, but I am still amazed by this past feat. Many other "embedded designers" whine about trying to fit less function into 512K or 1MB of RAM!

I won't hesitate to try it - if you do find any issues, I'm sure "JR" and his team will solve them beyond your expectations.

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I was taking a look at the product a couple of weeks ago. The idea was go get some additional features to a Cisco IP telephony solution. It worked great. We could control the Barix device directly from the Cisco phones with cgi URLs commands. We opened doors, started fans and switched on light directly with the IP phones. No programming was necessary. For our needs it is a perfect and fair priced solution.