Has anyone worked with Brodersen RTUs?

Hi everyone,

Our company has lots of automation projects by using Danish Brodersen RTUs. This brand is not very well documented so there is lots of questions in any project's about how to do things.

I wanted to know can we rub both Modbus Slave and Master on a RTU simultaneously? I able to read values from field devices by RTU and send them to SCADA and but I wanted to know how I can insert setpoint in SCADA and send it RTU?

Anyone had such a experience with RTU before?

Thanks in advance
As long as the RTU has more than one serial port, it seems you can run Modbus Slave and Modbus Master simultaneously. Note that at least two serial ports are required because Modbus only allows one master on each RS-485 bus.

From my brief research into the Brodersen equipment, it seems they are configured using Brodersen's WorkSuite software, specifically using the Fieldbus Configurator within WorkSuite. You define tags/variables within the RTU and then associate those tags/variables with the protocol data. There are additional details here:

They also have a Modbus slave example here:

I have found and read about it. It is not very well supplied in education and training, but it is a common brand in Telemetry projects in Australia.
now I can configure and send/receive data through Modbus.