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Jim Davidson

I have an application using a microprocessor based system in an analyser house located in a Zone 1 hazardous area. In the event of a ventilation failure the system will shut down, but I need battery back-up to maintain RAM configuration data. I have been unable to source hazardous area certified batteries for this application. Can anybody help?
I work for a Hazardous Areas Notified Body in England, Sira Test & Certification Ltd. Sira performs third party assessment, testing and certification for hazardous areas products.

It is difficult to know whether a product that meets your requirement exists, but try Trolex Ltd on Tel +44 (0)161 483 1435. They have a UPS for Group I which could be re-certified for Group II gases, Zone 1.

You state that if ventilation fails the equipment is shut down. This leads us to suspect you have an EEx p (purged and pressurised) itemm of equipment. There is nothing to stop you installing a suitable UPS in a safe area (or flameproof or purged enclosure) and attaching this to your equipment. Unfortunately, if your equipment shuts down, for Ex p enclosures you would need to make sure that anything that is connected to the UPS is protected by a standardised type of protection (e.g increased safety, flameproof, intrinsic safety or encapsulated).

If you need to discuss further, telephone me on +44 (0)1244 670900.

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