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R Entzinger

Goodday List

Where can one find more detail on High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC)

Is it a fieldbus?, serial?, parallel?, distance?, type of communication?
I believe it is used on the Alstrom drives which I need to interface to,
hence all these questions.

Thanks in Advance.

Rob E.
not sure what the comment about www.profibus.com was about...don't think HDLC has anything to do with profibus and can't see why the PNO would have details on it.
Anyway...HDLC is a protocol (layer two, hence the DLC part) that is generally used in synchronous serial communication applications. PPP, SDLC, even some VBIS modem standards are based on HDLC. Try the web and you will find lots on it..

hope that helps,

Jim Stewart
Celerox Digital Solutions
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