HDSL Modem Communication over TelCo Lease Line

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Timothy J. Morse

Looking for opinions & experiences of using HSDL modems over telephone company lease lines for TCP/IP communication to PLCs.
We are currently using "56K Data lines"(PLC side) tied into a frame relay to communicate via TCP/IP to our Cimplicity servers.
We also have existing stations with FSK telemetry utitilizing 2&4 wire lease lines.
I would like to see about upgrading these existing stations with PLCs, and still utitilize the existing lease lines for TCP/IP network
Lease line distance is any where from 2 to 10 miles with 1 to 2 "Telephone Central Offices" in between.
Thank you for any input!
Tim Morse
Onondaga County, Dept. WEP

I do not have experience using HDSL modems for TCP/IP comminication to remote stations over leased lines, but I am interested in finding out
how it turns out for you. My understanding is that an HDSL modem requires a 4-wire circuit, so your existing 2-wire stations may not be
candidates. I also have read that the HDSL distance limits are typically 3-miles or less so you may have some issues with distance as well.
If you're determined to communicate TCP/IP to the remote stations and can't get a workable HDSL solution, you might consider a serial WAN
router. This would allow you to use any leased-line modem to route the TCP/IP messages over 2- or 4-wire circuits.

Good luck!