Heat Exchanger Not Working Properly


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We have a Heat Exchanger in our Fuel Handling System used for heating HFO. Steam is the heating medium. HFO Outlet design temperature is 115 DegC. Problem is though the Outlet temp is achieved, the Control Valve in the steam inlet line keeps hunting now and then. What could be the reason?

Initially it was suspected that the steam trap outlet line was raising instead of dropping. It was rectified but the problem is persisting.

Steam In - 4.033 kg/cm2 and 146 DegC
Steam Out - 3.983 Kg/cm2 and 142.77 DegC

HFO In - 28.033 Kg/cm2 and 65 DegC
HFO Out - 27.533 Kg/cm2 and 115 DegC