Heating/cooling application + relay issue for a EPC3004


I am having some trouble to automatically switching a relay in iTools for an EPC3004. I want to control the OP3 Relay Module for an automatic heating/cooling changeover application.

I have an EPC that switches from hot to cold (0 or 100%) with the SP1, that’s the valve on the top (see picture attached). The 4 others valves at the bottom are supposed to work simultaneously with the relay. I want to switch them at the same time as the top valve.

Is that possible to add a relay in addition to the 2 PIDs loop in iTools? The problem is that I have only 2 Output channels for the heating and cooling connected to IO1 and IO2, so where do I link my Relay?

To summarize my issue: is it possible to program an EPC that controls a heating/cooling valve + a relay simultaneously?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,



You are indicating proportional control in your schematic, but solenoids (on-off) in the piping layout, with what appears to be a levers for manual adjustment of the valve capacity.