Heavy Duty GTs control valves


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E.G. Esparza

Looking for some competitive information on OEMs for combustion gas control valves on heavy duty gas turbines. i.e. Siemens SGT5s and SGT6, GE Frame 7 and 9.

Can any one point me in the right direction for Siemens GCVs? GE's GCVs?
Hello E.G.,

our company represents Young & Franklin gas valves and actuators for heavy duty gas turbines.
Most GE frames mount their gas valves, and we are also able to offer solutions on Siemens SGTs.
Feel free to contact me at: [email protected]

Thanks for the reply. What do you mean, "GE frames mount their gas valves"?

Is Young & Franklin production supplier of valves for Seimens SGTs? (i.e. do Y&F valves ship with new SGT turbines? Or just aftermarket sales?
> also Woodward is used for most Ge turbines.

GE uses Woodward gas valves for new units, particularly those with DLN combustion systems.

Prior to that, they almost exclusively used Young & Franklin gas valves.

What I mean is that Young & Franklin has been the sole supplier for GE gas turbines for about 60 yrs. Since 1994 or so, GE decided to mount Woodward Governor valves for their new turbines (9FA), with the exception of IGVs which are still in most cases from Y&F (also in the new LMS100).

Conversions with DLN 2.6 configurations will have Woodward valves, however there is a good chance DLN 1.0 and 2.0 may have Y&F valves.

This having been said, most of the GE turbines in circulation still use Y&F valves.

As far as Siemens is concerned, we are present in the after market.

Just a quick clarification. Woodward IGV Actuators are currently shipping with new Frame 6, 7 and 9 turbines. In addition, the SRV and Fuel Valves are Woodward for these turbines.