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I would like some help regarding the name of the software used to programme the unit and where I can get a hold of it? I would like to upload the programme from this plc and then if possible down load the programme into a retrofit PLC? (Or if necessary write the programme out again to and use a different brand PLC.)

I have tried Schneider Tech support and drew a blank, can any one help please?


W.Dijkstra Hallum

Hallum Holland 15-10-04

hello I think you need the software Dolog akf
you must search the internet for it.
Are you sure that the PLC is not an A120? If it is the A120 then that is the Modicon Compact PLC line and software (Modsoft or Proworx) should be readily available.

What you may have is a PLC model that was the origin of the Compact PLC. The Germans (AEG) manufactured several local/special versions very similar to the Compact. Remember, AEG owned Modicon at one time.
A020 doesn't sound like a correct controller number. You might be using the A120 I/O or a PC-984-A120. (The part number is on the tag on the left hand side of the controller.)

If that is the case, it is a Compact 984.

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I have some A010 and A020 documentation - from the Schneider Documentation CD set (end 2003 or beginning 2004). Please advise your e-mail address - write me to "meirs at fil dot co dot il" (I must disguise my e-mail address against spam).


Roland Stumpf

A020 and A020PLUS can be programmed "inhouse". But anyway there is a tool available to upload and download the application (as far as I know you need an old, slow DOS-PC). Please contact the Schneider-Electric hotline in Seligenstadt (+49 6182 812900).

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Tom Canadian

I have just started a repair on that controller and I am looking for any schematics i can get my hands on. The conrollers build date is late in 1988. I have a progamme print out in one manual for the controller, E-mail me if you still need it or if anybody has a schematic.

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The program I use with the A020 unit is A020FUP
It runs in dos and you will need a serial cable for online programming.

If you have a program you want to install I can burn an eeprom and you could use the copy socket in the A020 with the AUTOKOPY function to upload it. I have worked with this unit for the past 10 years and have user manuals if you need more info. Programs are saved in the .awl format and you can edit them in notepad.


I now have a hard copy of the instruction list. i have converted most of it to ladder logic so i can replace the PLC. Just trying to figure out which way the timers work and also the counters.

Instruction T,Z,I,L to convert this logic into Omron or S7 ladder logic.

The software used is in AKF language and the
program is Dolog B.

I have at this moment a AEG A500 PLC, programmed with a DOS computer and having trouble loading the software after a power failure;

The supply unit of the PLC was malfunctioning and a have succesfully repaired this.
However, getting the software in the RAM of this old PLC is very difficult. I have problems with the memory allocation and i will try on monday to clear this out for my costumer.

I have a German copy of the description of this PLC "A500 Vademecum", complete with the AKF instruction set and the hardware configuration.
I wish you good luck and if needed I can give you a copy of the Vademecum.
We have three A-500 plc's in a Hot Strip Mill and face the problem of loading the software in one of the plcs processor card ALU-011 after power failure.

It seems the problem lies with the RAM used by Schnieder. Our observation is that in ALU 011 with 128K SRAM by Mitsubishi the problem is solved.

Do you have any experince with this!! or have figured out any other solution for this problem.




I have a problem with my PLC Modicon A020 used in planer machine called GRAMA. this PLC is standing on off mode and whenever start is not holding.

Could you please advice on what to be done to make it working?