Help ! Capturing IO from a com port


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Hi folks. Hope someone can help me on this: My company use a Windows based application called Winpak, which is mainly used to buffer / unbuffer security alarm panels. This is done via a modem on COM1 connecting at, yes, 1200 Baud !!! One of my collegues has to dial into about 30 clients everyday just to perform the unbuffer process - V. Tedious. What I'd like to be able to do is monitor exactly what the application is sending down the modem and what it receives back from the panels via the customer's modem. Maybe then I can write something that'll just run through a list of phone numbers and automatically perform this particular feature of Winpak. Any ideas? Any software ( pref. free ) that'll do this? Everything I've downloaded so far has been no good... Many thanks in advance -Dave.

Christian Felde

You could try and connect a second computer. Connect the first computer to COM1 on the second computer, and the modem to COM2, also on the second computer. Then make a script/program/whatever witch routes all data from COM1 to COM2, and from COM2 to COM1. Including with this routing, you make it save all data to a log.