Help! GE 90-30 & Serial Communication


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Steve Mitchell

I'm new to the serial communications world and need some assistance with getting a GE 90-30 PLC with a Horner ASCI Basic Module to communicate with a Gardner-Denver Air Compressor ES+ Controller. I would like to use the Horner modules DB-15 Connector(Port 2) and the DB-9 connector on the ES+ Controller. All of the information needs to be polled and retrieved from the compressor. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated! Best Regards Steve Mitchell

Steve Bailey

Do you have the details of the communications protocol for the compressor controller? Do you have the pinouts for the serial port? You need to write a routine that will transmit the control codes, monitor the serial port for the compressor's response, and send it to the PLC. I recently did the same thing to communicate with some old GE switchgear using the 90-30 PCM module.

tim teasdale

What type of help do you need? Do you have a protocol doc for the GE 90-30 slave device. I've written dozens of 'drivers' in 'c', some basic and pascal. If you can be more specific about what you need help doing, I can help. tim