HELP Identify 1980's PC Motion control hardware/software


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I am trying to identify a motion control system on a old machine that I am looking at a retrofit. The card that is installed in the computer is a IBM PCMotion card.... The interface is in BASICA

there is a motion controller (black metal case) have not found a mfg yet.. and a servo drive (similar looking black metal case) this is a single axis system, with multiple outputs on separate boards to drive solenoids on the machine...

I want to use any info on the old system to help spec out the new....

thanks in advance

James Ingraham

Well, I think you may actually be better off ignoring the box and figuring out the requirements from scratch. Still, I'm willing to help try to identify the parts. I'd also be willing to help re-engineer the requirements, but that's easy for me to say because I'd actually be volunteering one of my mechanical guys. :)

Pictures. Lots of pictures, high quality, no blurryness, no giant flash reflections obscuring half the shot. (Sorry; my service manager always comes back with the WORST pictures. I'm conditioned to complain about this.)

We can talk about how share to the pictures, but my recommendation would be to set up some kind of public access (DropBox, MediaFire, etc.) so that anybody from can see them and try to help.

-James Ingraham
Sage Automation, Inc.