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Tomeu Gamundi

In a gas turbine we have an old speedtronic control with an older serial (?) printer Centronics model 150-3.

We need to substitute this printers by another but every serial printer we connect start to print garbage.

Can anyone assure me that speedtronic outputs data in standard RS-232 format? In this case, can anyone say me the parameters used in the transmission.

Thanks in advance

Curt Wuollet

I suggest using a terminal or a PC with an emulator to check this out.
Easier to switch speeds and it doesn't spew paper all over or try to
put one character on each of 7.469 pages. Should only take a few
minutes. Old serial printers were highly idiosyncratic and you may
have a problem matching the control codes. In that case, I have used
an old PC to translate to a new parallel printer. In fact, once you
have stripped the control codes and reformatted the text, it's usaully
handier to just store and view it on the PC. This is a no code solution
on a Linux box, the utilities handle it all in a pipeline. I don't
know how you'ld do it on less capable systems. It's a lot quieter too.

Hope this helps.


nop it is not, basically it is propritry design
but very similar to lpt signals, if u want to decode , u will need tech manuals
This is a great idea. We would like to store it on PC too. How did you do it exactly?