Help me find a gear meter


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Steve Myres

I'm looking for a very low flow meter for higher viscosity fluids. I've found a few, but nothing perfect, and I wanted to get everyone's recommendations. Here's the specs:

Flow rate to meter: 0.001-0.5 gpm
Output: NPN or PNP pulse, 5000-100000 pulses/gal
Viscosity: 4-60cps
Corrosion: Fairly benign fluid and typical industrial ambient
Reasonably low cost (many units in each production system)

I assume with that viscosity range I'm going to need a PD meter, possibly a gear meter, and I've found a few, but all seem either too expensive, too low a pulse factor, or I can't seem to get the company to communicate with me and sell me one (not a good way to pick a supplier when you're going to need a boatload of the things).

The specs are somewhat flexible and the ranges noted are to some extent estimates.

Anyone have anything they like? (Vendor responses OK)
Sorry for taking a while in getting back to this thread, but thanks to everyone for the responses!

I had found the AW meter, but it's machined stainless and looks like it would withstand 5000psi or so, and I need 8-16 meters per system, so it's probably out of the price range. 100 psi non-metallic and minimally corrosion resistant should do the trick.

The other two I had not seen, but will look into them. I'll post when I settle on something and let you guys know what I ended up with.

Thanks again!
You might also consider reciprocating piston meters e.g. Max Meters.
Or, of course, coriolis who with their small sizes now look to dosing and low flow applications, or small Ultrasonic meters. Flow Technology Inc is a possible supplier of low flow ultrasonic - intended for pharmaceutical low flow applications, these may do well for you.

PD meters are a good idea though as they may prove less expensive and with the right transmitter option should provide the resolution you are looking for.

Gear meters, internal or external, oval gear maybe. Don't be too prescriptive until you have explored a wider range of options as there may be some manufacturer that can surprise you.