Help me regd. Monitor Pro modules to buy... Urgent!


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Bhat KSR

a new project with a server connected to Quantum PLCs, and 2 clients for Operator interface with Monitor Pro ver 7 is planned. Pl let me know the config. of Monitor Pros we have to buy for clients and server.

The quantum PLCs are used to control the process plant. The architecture is planned as follows. A server connects to the quantum PLCs via modbus plus. Client PCs communicate with the server thro ethernet and provide the operator interface in the control room.

I am confused with the lot many options and partnumbers provided in the site for Monitor Pro. Pl help me in deciding the right configuration of Monitor PRO in sever and client required. What are the options I need to buy?

Mindaugas Terleckis


Simple, buy a Server and Client's parts. Server can vary on variables count. At least one client must be with development capability. The ModbusPlus driver and SQL2000 server included in server as default. If You planing to use compiled math, You must buy CML option. But in most cases that not so necesary, because that option only for Server side. And all calculations can be done in IML mode (included in Server as default). If you have more quetion - please write to me.