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I'm running my own company manufacturing and selling a series of electronic products called Alpha ( Working over 40 years in the industry with a handful of patents in my backpack I'm now trying to learn the whole process, i.e. hardware and software design, marketing, sales and wordpress web.

I've been trying to sell these products along with paid marketing but haven't been able to come up to speed with the sales. That's why I to turn to you in order to get help finding out why. If you can find time answering one or more of the questions below I'm eternally grateful!

Thank you!

1. Do you understand the purpose of the product series?

2. Do they have a reasonable price?

3. Can you find relevant use cases for any of the products?

4. Do you get a professional impression/genuine trust from the company webpage?

5. What would make the whole impression better?

6. What would make you create an order and what makes you hesitate?

7. Other feedback

Bob Peterson

I have no idea from looking at your web site what these things are supposed to do. I would suggest starting with a landing page that clearly states what these things are for and how they can help whomever it is that might find them useful.

Hello Bob,

thank you very mutch for your input! I have change few things on my
website (Home) - simple explenation of the system, so please visit again and let me know what you think?

sorry for my english, it is not my prime language


Bob Peterson

Better. I am assuming you are targeting the US market since your prices are in dollars. Incidentally, we put the $ in front - $ 99, instead of 99 $.

Are these things designed to UL standards? I see that it says something about CE, but that is pretty meaningless here.

I also notice it mentions it is Comodo certified software. I didn't know what that was and had to google search it. It might be better to make some kind of statement that a 3rd party software security firm has certified the software meets whatever standards they claim it meets. That would likely be more meaningful to most US users. Not that it means all that much to most of us in the first place.

This seems like an OEM type product. There are a bunch of these type of products already on the market here. I don't know how much traction you will get w/o US based support, both technical and logistics wise.

Thank you again.

I have adjusted the site. All this give me good reason to think more about marketing methods and approaches. I am learning about other markets as well along with finding out about suitable products.
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