Help Needed for Finding Large Generator Sets


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Bruce Nelson

I need to find a used 18MW GE Generators (TG-701/702) coupled with GE Frame V Gas turbines. I know very little about turbine engines and generators in this size range.

I have about a week to try to find a large genset of the type listed above. Any recommendations will be appreciated. An existing unit has failed and a replacement is needed immediately.

Is there some group of people who deal with generators like this on a regular basis that I could connect with?

Bruce Nelson, USA. 509-344-8817
Thanks in advance for your help.


"used power generation equipment for sale"

into your preferred World Wide Web Browser. There are many companies around the world that deal only in "large" power generation equipment, some new, some used--even entire power plants of all types (diesel engine-driven; biomass; gas turbine cogeneration; hydro turbines; wind turbines; geothermal; etc.).

Let us know how you fare?