Help Needed in Construction of a Coriolis Density Meter


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I am a final year instrumentation engineering student from India. And as a part of our final year project i have decided to construct a sensor for measuring density of low viscosity liquids like water, milk and diluted syrup and such.

Personally, after referring to the instrumentation engineers handbooks, Process Measurement and Analysis (by Bela G Liptak), i have had the idea of constructing a cheaper version of an oscillating Coriolis density meter.

However i am out of ideas as to approaching this project. i need help and guidance as my professor is unfamiliar with such an instrument first-hand.

So i am looking for some tips and pointers as to how to approach the construction from a design perspective.

What i need in the end is not a very accurate instrument, but something that can measure the difference in densities between various liquids (concentrations).

Also, i would love to hear if there are any alternatives to this.

The project is done purely for understanding the working of the instrument and not for any business application, so there is not that great a need for small error margins.

I hope to get some helpful replies.