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Saluti Everyone,
I need help for my weighing system. We are using a Siemens Siwarex U (2 Channels) and I found a SF LED on the module. For the 2 channels module actually we only connect one loadcell on channel 1 while channel 2 remains free. I checked the error given via DR 31,32 or 75. But there is no bit 1 for the errors. In the module diagnostic found errors for unused channel 2. Is it possible that the SF LED happen because channel 2 is not connected? Is it OK with this SF LED? Thank You in Advance for the answers.
Hello, you are right, the "problem" is the not connected channel 2. normaly you can see it with the Software Siwatool U, connected to the serial Port. You have two possibiltys to correct the SF (SystemFault): 1. You dissable channel 2 with the Software, or 2. you "simulate" a weightingcell: connect sense+ with exc+, sense- with exc- and sense+ with sense-.