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Petar Donchev

Hi all,

I will appreciate some help on the configuration of TwinCAT OPC server with a Beckhoff BX9000 PLC, as the documentation I have is not terribly helpful.

I load the .TPY file from PLC project and configure the AMS address (the IP adress with 1.1 appended) and the OPC configuration program says "Successfully loaded", but when I connect with an OPC client, all tags are with quality bad (out of service, configuration error). I don't know what I am missing as it should be quite straightforward. The OPC should work standalone (no Twincat System on that PC) and the OS is Windows XP SP3.

At first I thought that something additional should be done for the PLC, so I tried to enable ADS server check box in System Manager, but that makes the PLC go to fault with a message "TC FAULT, ERROR 0x323A" and the error code is not present in the documentation.

Anyway, this option seems to be unneeded, so the cryptic error remains a curiosity and the main problem is how to make the OPC work.

If somebody has a link to a more thorough resource on configuring the TwinCAT OPC, I will appreciate the assistance.

Petar Donchev

Just passing by to check.

I solved my problem (it was pretty stupid), so I will post it just in case somebody gets stuck at the same.

So, when you make a new configuration of the OPC server, you load it and it says "Successfully loaded", this is not true. You have to restart the OPC server, and as I didn't find any tool to do that (in app nor in service manager) it seems that the only way is to restart the whole station.