Help on exporting Citect SCADA reports to Excel


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Ghate Vinod

Dear All;

Can anybody help me for how the CITECT SCADA reports are generated in Excel sheet. I want to log the process parameters for every hour in Excel sheet. (I'm able to get the parameters in excel sheet) one such sheet will contain 24 (Hours) readings. This will be automatically saved to certain location on pc & will be printed at certain time. For the next day new such sheet will be automatically generated. In this way I shall save at least a month (30 sheet) report on pc.
Dear Ghate Vinod,

There are are three options. You can use either the Cicode SQL functions, the Cicode Device Functions or a combination of both.

Both methods require a DSN to be configured in the ODBC applet of the Control Panel. The second and third option, also require an SQL device to be configured in Citect.

1 ) Using SQL Functions
for example :- SQLEXEC(hSQL, "select * from sheet1").

2) Using Dev Functions
for example DevOpen(" " );

Thanks & Regards,
Jimmi Shah
Hello Ghade Vinod,

you can save Citect's values in Excel via DDE functionality of Citect. Check Citect help or Citect Knowledge base for syntax.


Puru saraswat

Dear vinod,

why don't you use trendexportdde function in citect to pass values in excel from citect. This is easy as values for all the tags required for reporting can be collected & fetched by just making them Trend Type tags.

Did you used this function before? What is the last parameter "iDisplayMode" ? I don't understand how to use it?
> i do not understand which function? can you tell me function name. <

Hi Jimmi,

I might got a mistake.

I mean the 4th reply for the post, the function "TrnexpoetDDE".

Here , I have to programing some cicode script to build the daily/monthly and yearly report.

I try to use the "TrnexpoetDDE" function to substitute the outside data storage(like sql) because I think the trend saved file may be a easier way than others.Then througt the cicode function to export the data to excel and create the reports. If we do not use the citect report package, do you think what is the best and the easiler way for me?
Hi Eddic,

Through few Cicode and TrnexpoetDDE function combination you build Daily and monthly,Yearly report.because its Exports trend data via DDE.

Yes, Without using citect report package you built report in excels.

TrnexpoetDDE is best and easier way.