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John Alexander

I am having a lot of difficulty trying to write a program for an A2SCPU using MELSEC series GPP.

1. I want to use a Timer that starts timing when the logic on a rung makes a True to False transition.... just like a Timer On Delay timer used in RSLogix.

2. Also, is there an equivalent in MELSEC for the Timer Timing bit, Timer Done bit and Timer Accumulated Value bit used in RSLogix timers?

It would be wonderful if someone could answer these queries for me.
Thank you very much.

1) There is no equivilant for the timer timing bit. The only way to do this it to put a M bit across the timer function, and use this as timer timing bit.

2) To get the timer accumulated value you can move the accumulated value from the timer with the MOV function eg. MOV T1 D0 will move the accumulated value from T1 and place it in D0.

3)The Timer done bit is as simple. T1, when used in logic will go high when its done timing.

Drop me an email if you have any trouble and I'll send you a few lines of ladder to explain.

Paul Miller[email protected]