help on serial communication on DOS using C++


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i'm currently doing a project to communicate with an embedded PC with microcontroller using serial port. i need to write the program using C++, but i don't how to do and where to start. my problem is the serial port communication in DOS. i don't know about the declaration
about it. i tried to find through the net, most of them is for Win32. i really need somebody to help me. PLEASE!!!
welllllll if you go to google and type in bios_serialcom you'll get loads of links to both tutorials and source code that will easily get you through...

Robert Scott

Serial support by DOS is quite poor. It is nothing more than what is offered by the BIOS, which is non-interrupt driven one character at a time. Most serious DOS serial applications use a 3rd party or built-in serial driver. I don't know of any 3rd party sources offhand because I wrote my own. It is not easy, so unless you want to learn more than you ever wanted to know about interrupts in DOS and assembly language, try to find a 3rd party DOS serial driver.

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