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Rafat Ali

I am a trainee engineer in an electrical company i was told to learn about explosion proof equipment after that i will start working on explosion proof equipment instalation zone specification. but the prob is that i dont have material about explosion proof equipment. if any one can help or provide help in this regard please help me. my gmail id iz [email protected]

As you are a trainee ..... I strongly suggest that you develope skills for digging out information from the Net.
Google the phrase ....... I am sure you will find more info than you can handle.
Also for fundamentals look in

These will give you a jump start.

The best way is to refer to IEC standard. Have a look at IEC 60079-14, Explosive Atmospheres-Electrical Installations Design, Selection & Erection.
There is ultimately no substitute for reading the standards as a previous post has commented. Other documents are necessarily interpretations. However the language can be hard to penetrate for newcomers.

Heres a few more sites to get you going:

It depends on how progressive your employer is and where your are located but there are some training courses also. In europe you'll probably find links in the above, worldwide you'll have to do a bit of digging.

Its not that difficult a subject but remember you not only have to be safe, but be able to justify why your are safe.

Good luck
thanks for your positive responce to the previous post. i studied from net but i confused about using equipment in zones. Can we use equipment designed for zone 0 in zone 1 & zone 2? and equipment that are designed for zone 1 in zone zone 2? if it is then why the statement for zone is not that 'this for zone 0 and below or for zone 1 and below" Respond to [email protected]. Appriciated
Generally yes you can use equipment designed for zone 0 in zone 1 and 2 as zone 0 design criteria are the most demanding. Likewise equipment suitable for zone 1 can generally be used for zone 2. The "less" I think your referring to means "less demanding zones" . It is perhaps an unfortunate use of language.

Whether you would want to zone 0 equipment everywhere is a question of your own personal/company policy. Zone 0 may be more expensive to install and maintain and so you could consider it an unwise investment. Its about balancing the reduction is risk and the savings against thee cost. Some engineering judgement is needed.

Hope this helps. Sorry it took me a while.

i have a lightfixture that have coding (Ex) II 1G edm T4 what is meant by edm does it mean that this device has three types of protection. e- increased safety d-flame proof enclousure m-encapusulation.please help