Help required for Hall Effect Sensor in Energy Meters


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Ashok Gupta

dear Sir
I wish to find out whether i can construct an Energy Meter for measuring
Electrical Energy using hall effect sensors.
Will this be feasible for Single Phase meters also
I have tried with Shunt and CT and now want to explore new sensors

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Ashok Gupta
Research Engineer
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Anand Rajagopal

Dear Mr. Ashok Gupta:

Have you been successful in constructing a single phase meter using this principle? I know that a UK based firm said they had an ASIC based on this principle, but obviously got stuck before production stage as the product was never officialy released. Pl. let me know your experience and your current work area as we are also interested in working in that area sometime in the future.


Anand Rajagopal
I know of such a company that does this. The name is Allegro. I have researched this technology for our use and it is interesting but not well suited for a loose production environment. There are one or two other companies, which don't come to mind right now, but there is free literature available. Good luck, Steve