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Sandeep Shroff

Hi List,

I am in search of visual builder tool for which I can write plugin for developing my custom javabeans. In sun's JavaBean training documentation (that comes Sun One Starter kit), I found mention of "Mojo". It also gave some good snaps of the tool in use. I have tried to search for it for 2 days now. No matter from which link / webpage i try to get the site for Mojo, I haven't succeeded. The Mojo home page is given to be "": . However, the link takes me to a search engine. Does anyone know of this tool Mojo? Or any other alternative tool you have used or know of ? Or Any links / pointer would be highly appreciated.


Sandeep Shroff
Sandeep Shroff
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James Ingraham

The only link I could find on Mojo was dated July of 1998. Their website is gone, as you noticed. Their phone number gets some guy's house. The Sun Java Marketplace makes no mention of it.

I think it's safe to say that Mojo is gone.

-James Ingraham
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I think Mojo is a non-product at this time. It is certainly unsupported.

However, we have a JavaBeans and VIBLaces tool to build Java appliations (applets), and VIBLaces can be used to build JavaBeans too. VIBLaces is completely graphical (no coding), but it does generate code if you want to use it in a full
Java development system.

check out "": and click on the free Trial software link.