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I'm in need or a calculation for the following criteria.

If one has a 180 gallon accumulator tank and fills it with propane gas at 60 degree's (F) the accumilator as a input port of 1" and an output of 2", gas is stored at 30 psi. I need to know the volume under compression is (Cubic Feet),and when released through the 2" port, leaving the 1" fill port open for 5 seconds what volume is being used. If any one has a combination of formula's that can be shared, I would appreciate your help.


Although I don't have the info, I've recently been to Schneider Automation (Modicon) in North Andover. They have a very elaborate Gas Flow Function Block that they pay royalties for.
Developed by a Gas Flow expert, it's used by utilities to bill for pipeline transported gases.
Why not call the guys at Schneider and perhaps they can get you the name of the expert - or perhaps they can guide you in the right direction. Their main #978-794-0800, ask for the gas flow guys - all the best
If you know the temperature and pressure at both conditions you can use the
ideal gas law to approximate the amount of material that has left the
accumulator. The volume of course remains the same since the geometry of the
tank doesn't change.

Erich Mertz