Help with HSB Micromodem 56 and more generally linux


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Richard Stephenson

Ok, i think i have all the files i need. but how, please, do i install it onto debian. i am accessing the internet by windows me, and i want to know how to transfer the files onto debian.
Ye, u guessed it, im completely new to this.

Curt Wuollet

I don't do debian or at least not for years but you should be able to list the files in your windows partition with mdir c: and copy them with mcopy c:<filename> . This is from the root login on your debian install. an alternate is to mount the windows partition and simply cp them. If you have a fancy KDE environment they may be visible to the file manager already.

Hope this helps. Try posting on the lplc list, more debian users there. I don't remember what they use for a wm.


Hello Richard,

Use telnet from WME, copy the file from your Windows box to the Debian box over Ethernet.

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Richard Stephenson

Um.... i dont have ethernet. Well.. I ve figured out now how to transfer files, but also figured out i had the drivers for the wrong kernel version. I have version 2.2.19IDE. (potato+UNDMA66-Debian Linux). You sed you dont use debian so anyone else? dont even think about saying about makefiles, i cant get that working yet.