help with RS285 serial port


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i need to interface RS285 to a pc through a USB
converter and i can't find any info about RS285

any info about this standard would help me alot

thanks in advance
Hello Nader;
I have worked for many years in this business, and i have never heard of a serial standard named RS285.

There is such a thing as RS-485, a differential, 2 wire multidrop physical layer standard. Look it up, Wickipedia is a good place to start, B&B Electronics have excellent whitepapers discussing serial links.

Google "USB to RS-485" and you will find many manufacturers of such devices.

Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier
Thanks a lot for your replies. I searched for it before and I found a converter that "Allows communication between devices having RS232 and RS285 interfaces" but it has RS232, RS485 input and output interfaces. Could RS285 be another name for RS485?

Here is the site:{5e844927-6dc4-4913-88d3-194b80454e2d}

I also found it mentioned on the following sites:

Thanks in advance.
Hello Nader;

I am sorry, I still cannot find any valid information on RS-285 on any of the liks you provided. The first one gives a generic error, the second does mention RS-285 but the site it is linked to shows nothing on the subject, the last mentions a part number for a fingerprint reader but no RS-285.

Here is a link to a very good information site on serail communication protocols. It doen't mention RS-285; no other communication site I have access to does, either.

Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier

Jerry Miille

This is definitely a typo. In my 40 years in the communication business I have never heard of RS285. It is RS485 and there are many good references available on the net.

Jerry Miille
Give us the make & model of the device you are trying to communicate with, then we can help.