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Paul Bassindale


A client's Siemens programmer has recently died, we are trying to find
software for programming WF470 graphics which will run on a Pentium PC.

Paul Bassindale
Ansaldo Systems
Sheffield UK

Dave Roberts

Did you ever find a WF470 package that would run on a Pentium ?
Our aged PG750 has just died and I am also looking for a solution which will bring the programming of the WF470 into this century!

I have contacted Siemens but they are not too helpful.

Dave Roberts
Electrical Engineer
Ford Motor Co. Ltd.

Neil Haggerty

Siemens have now produced a Windows based version of the WF 470 software. This can be purchased from Siemens. I have not used it much but it is much better than the old system! If you ring Siemens on the subject try ringing the Machine Tools department as WF boards were officialy produced within this branch of Siemens.