Help writing surge control program with simatic


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hello everyone,

i'm a new member here, and i'm student in my last year as an automate and i need help for my project.
my project is to do a program controlling an anti surge in gas compressor

i have Seimens automate and simatic software.
until now i can configure my material.
can somebody help me how can i start with ladder to create my program.
To avoid the Anti surge just open the bypass valve which can allow the flow of gas from discharge to suction line.

Basically what inputs u have used? Discharge pressure, Suction pressure, Speed control of compressor, bypass valve with adjustable response?

So during start up u have to start compressor with min acceleration and Before exceeding maximum discharge pressure. You have to open anti-surging valve, after getting stabilized u can close the valve.
So some trial and error methods are required to tune it..