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Oscar Esteban

Hello everyone.

I've been reading this list for some time now. My backgrounds are computer science related, not industrial. I'm working for an industrial company
developing control systems for railway vehicles, which is where my interest on the list comes from.

Taking for granted that I've seen some PLCs, I've seen them from the computer science side. And everytime it's been proprietary hardware and
software. That's why I'm now learning about the existence of standards, and some common language that most of you seem to understand: PID, ladders and runts, Anti-Reset Windup, etc. I'm sure that most of the terms designate something I'm familiar with, or at least something not very unrelated to what I've done. Asking you to explain all this to me would not be very fair,
so all I ask is some web references to get an idea on it.

I'm interested in Linux, and my company will start using it but not for control, but as an information display. Anyway, if it can be used, it
possibly will.


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